Development of a Standardized Procedure for Cleaning Glass Apparatus in Analytical Laboratories

  • H.C. Polonini
  • L.N. Grossi
  • A.O. Ferreira
  • M.A.F. Brandão
Keywords: Validation Studies. Detergents. Laboratory Techniques and Procedures. Glassware Cleaning


Adequate cleaning of analytical glassware is an essential procedure that determines the reliability of assays and tests carried out in laboratories, keeping the glassware free of interference from residues left by previous tests. In the present paper, standard cleaning procedures are proposed for laboratory glassware, which were tested on cyanocobalamin as a marker contaminant. A spectrophotometric method was used for quantitative determination of both residual marker and cleaning product. Beakers, volumetric flasks and volumetric pipettes were successfully cleaned with a 2% detergent solution, with several rinses in water. Vials were cleaned adequately in an ultrasonic bath. These procedures utilize non-toxic and cheap reagents, factors of paramount importance for their application in routine laboratory analysis.

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