Strategies used for to improve aqueous solubility of simvastatin: a systematic review

  • Mara Rúbia Winter de Vargas
  • Fernanda Nervo Raffin
  • Túlio Flávio Accioly de Lima e Moura
Keywords: Simvastatin. Solid dispersions. Solubility


A great variety of molecules with potential pharmacological activity have been discovered. However, the great majority of these molecules have poor bioavailability, mainly associated with their low solubility in water. Lately, a great deal of attention has been paid to existing drugs that are used chronically in the treatment of high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Among these drugs, simvastatin is the most frequently used, despite its poor solubility in water. This review discusses some of the strategies that have been used to enhance the aqueous solubility of simvastatin over the last 12 years (January 2000 – April 2012). Techniques employing solid dispersions, microencapsulation, supercritical fluid and the cyclodextrin inclusion system are described and systematically compared.

Narrative Review