Potentially inappropriate medication use among Brazilian elderly in a medication management program

  • Vanessa Mayra Oliveira Mauricio
  • Simone Araújo Medina Mendonça
  • Mariana Martins Gonzaga Nascimento
  • Djenane Ramalho de Oliveira
Keywords: Beers Criteria. Medication Therapy Management. Potentially Inappropriate Medication. Inappropriate prescribing. Pharmaceutical care. Aged/ Older adults.


A descriptive, cross-sectional study of data from 15 elderly users of the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service, delivered as a university extension project at a primary health unit in the city of Minas Gerais, Brazil was carried out. The objective of the study was to assess the use of potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) according to the Beers criteria (2015 version) and its relationship with drug-related problems (DRPs) identified both theoretically and by the students during the process of service provision. The MTM service adopted the methodology recommended in the theoretical framework of Pharmaceutical Care Practice. In addition, the knowledge on PIMs held by the Pharmacy students involved in the service was assessed by applying a semi-structured questionnaire. The majority of the patient population was in use of at least one PIM (60%), with a total of 10 PIMs prescribed to 9 patients. Each PIM corresponded to a single DRP (n=10). However, the Pharmacy students providing the service identified only three DRPs. All of the students interviewed reported knowing the PIM concept. However, the majority of students were unable to identify the PIMs in the pharmacotherapy of their patients. These results highlight the importance of the Beers criteria for identifying DRPs and the need for greater focus on these criteria during Pharmacy training.

Research Article